Location: Galvanize San Francisco. 44 Tehama St, San Francisco, CA 94105
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08.30 – 09.00 Registration and Coffee in Expo area
09.00 – 09.30 Investing in Blockchain Technology
Gil Penchina
Super ICO/Angel investor(5x unicorns) (US)
09.30 – 09.50 The Future of the Crypto Economy
Andrew Wagner
Author and Community Manager at NewsBTC
09.50 – 10.10 Auditing Smart Contracts
Hartej Sawhney
Co-Founder, Hosho Group (USA)
Ensure you take the correct security measures to protect your funds. 10% of money raised in ICOs has been stolen from hackers and almost all unaudited contracts contain security vulnerabilities. Learn about the importance of smart contract auditing and how to account for it properly in the ICO planning process.
10.10 – 10.30 The State of the Market
Ryan Hanley
VP of Business Development, TokenMarket
Ryan will round up the 2017 ICO market activities and provide key data points, and look forward predicting how 2018 will develop for ICOs, the impact of regulations, new ramps for institutional investors, explore the broader progress the new crypto-economy as a new capital market.
10.30 – 12.00 Meet the ICOs
Throughout the two-day conference we will give the stage to some pioneering blockchain projects from all over the world. The common thread is that all the presenting companies and persons have decided to raise working capital by launching a token crowd sale (also known as an ICO or TGE). The aim of this session is to gain a deeper understanding of what type of applications are coming on the market, as well as give investors more information about crypto investment opportunities.
Quirze Salomo 
Owner, Nostrum (Spain)
With more than 160 restaurants, Nostrum (founded in Barcelona in 1998) is the first European franchise in the home meal replacement sector. The 100th Nostrum opened in December 2014 and in the same year the company was floated on the MAB (Alternative Stock Market) in Madrid. In 2015 a flagship Nostrum opened in Montpellier and at this moment 4 master franchises have been signed for France and expansion into France is underway with 250 restaurants planned over the next 5 years in Paris and other regions. This year NostrumGo has been launched to offer a home delivery service. In 2018 Nostrum will also be listed on the French stock market. Expected 2017 revenues are 36,9M euros.
The vision
In 2012 Nostrum started with building a loyalty ‘Fan’s Club’, offering quality offerings for €1, €2, €3. At this moment more than 800,000 members pay €5 per year. Nostrum’s aim is to have 795 outlets in 2022, based on 16 master franchises. The projected franchise income will be 15M euros over the coming 5 years.
Piet Nelis
COO at Synappz Mobile Health (Netherlands)
SYNAPPZ is a Dutch company with focus on Patient- Generated Health Data (PGHD). Since its inception the company accumulated 2,4M euros in profitable revenues (>800K in 2016) in The Netherlands over the last 5 years, developing a portfolio of outstanding medical apps. The idea for SYNAPPZ came from a veterinarian after he lost his voice and could not find a cure for his illness for 7 years. With help of Internet he found the name of his disease himself and got treatment.
The vision
Piet co-founded SYNAPPZ to mobilise patients and to build a successful business case around PGHD in The Netherlands. Now the SYNAPPZ team wants to embrace the power of decentralized blockchain technology, crypto funding and -currencies to build a global patient data platform to empower patients and accelerate the use of PGHD. The use of PGHD supplements existing clinical data, filling in gaps in information and providing a more comprehensive picture of ongoing patient health. PGHD offers an opportunity to capture needed information for use during care, with potential cost savings and improvements in quality, care coordination, and patient safety.
Andy Zondervan
CEO and Co-Founder, RightShare (Netherlands)
Electronic Dance Music is the soundtrack of the digital revolution. It grew BIG with global revenues of more than 7 billion US$ in 2016. The Netherlands is considered as the birthplace: the Amsterdam Dance Event 2017 attracted 395,000 attendees (2,500 artists, 500 shows, 160 locations) and a handful Dutch DJs belong to the world’s best (DJ Hardwell, DJ Tiësto, DJ Armin van Buuren and DJ Martin Garrix).
Miguel Caballero
CEO, Tutellus (Spain)
“The platform that pays you for learning”. is a P2P EdTech platform working since 2013. With 1 million users, 130.000 videocouses and a solid business model, it becomes the leading platform in 25 countries. is the evolution, a decentraliced platform where users get money learning and helping others to learn. is based on the Ethrereum Blockchain and works with all content and users of The company will work closely to NGO to bring its tokenomics model to poor countries, with the goal to get out more than 100 million people from poverty during next years.
Wernhard Berger
Chief Business Development Officer, Grapevine World GmbH (Austria)
Grapevine World is a decentralized, borderless ecosystem for the seamless exchange of health data in a standardized, secure manner.
Populated with every stakeholder in health – from patients to pharma, care providers to payors, researchers and technologists – Grapevine World is the backbone to a new global market.
Gennady Volchek
CEO, Shping (Australia)
Shping has created a shopper marketing platform that brands can deploy to reward consumers directly for their choices, attention and actions with cryptocurrency instead of paying fiat to advertising middlemen for the privilege of marketing to customers in store. Learn about Shping Coin, the reward token at the heart of the platform that aims to disrupt the $USD28 trillion global shopping industry, and hear why you should be among the first to purchase Shping Coin during its first and only Token Sale.

Entrepreneur, Gennady Volchek was born in the USSR and moved to Australia as a child with his parents.  An innovator at heart, he has successfully built and sold a number of businesses throughout his career. At 18 years old he became a publisher of ethnic newspapers in Australia. Gennady also started a telecommunications company – a pioneer of VOIP technology at the time, as well as a Satellite Pay TV business in Australia and New Zealand.  Since 2012, Gennady has been the founder and CEO of Authenticateit (trading as Shping) – a first of it’s kind, blockchain-based, product-traceability, shopper marketing and rewards ecosystem.

Pradeep Goel
CEO, Solve.Care
Solve.Care Foundation was established with the goal to revolutionize administration of healthcare and other benefit programs globally. The stated mission of Solve.Care is to “Make healthcare and benefit programs work better for everyone.” The platform brings a relationship centric approach to care coordination, administration and payments that addresses all three pillars of healthcare; clinical, administrative and financial.
Solve.Care platform is designed to enable insurance companies, government agencies, hospitals and providers, pharmacies and businesses to build care coordination and delivery networks and engage their stakeholders. Solve.Care is launching a number of ground breaking innovations such as Care.Wallet, Care.Cards, Care.Coins, Care.Vault and Care.Protocol through their platform. Solve.Care is implementing the relationship centric approach by using distributed ledger technology and Blockchain
12.00 – 13.00 Lunch
13.00 – 14.00 Panel: Marketing and Sales; Bringing the potential of an ICO to life
Jill Richmond
Senior Vice President, SparkPR (USA)
Kelley Weaver
CEO, Melrose PR (USA)
Michael Terpin – Moderator
CEO, Transform Group (USA)
Krishna Subramanian
CEO, Captiv8 (USA)
Stephen Duplessie
CEO, Theorem Labs (USA)
Monette Stephens
VP Corp Dev, TokenSoft (USA)
Over the last year we have seen a number of highly successful ICOs, from which we can take away some valuable entrepreneurial and marketing lessons. Let’s explore the importance of timing, community marketing, transparency, scarcity and trust in this session about how to market your token sale.
14.00 – 15.00 Meet the ICOs
Throughout the two-day conference we will give the stage to some pioneering blockchain projects from all over the world. The common thread is that all the presenting companies and persons have decided to raise working capital by launching a token crowd sale (also known as an ICO or TGE). The aim of this session is to gain a deeper understanding of what type of applications are coming on the market, as well as give investors more information about crypto investment opportunities.
Igor Chugunov
CEO and Founder CREDITS
CREDITS is an open blockchain platform with autonomous smart contracts and an internal cryptocurrency. The platform is designed to create services for blockchain systems using self-executing smart contracts and public data registry.
The platform can execute more than 1,000,000 transactions per second and has an execution time of 0.01 seconds. Because transaction fees are minimal, high-volume applications are possible in a way that no other available blockchain can match.
CREDITS platform is the first completely autonomous blockchain system. The platform offers a new, extended application programming interface (API) that utilizes a Turing system capable of creating services using cycles, schedules, and unique functions. No other platform offers smart contract execution speeds near those of CREDITS. In addition, the CREDITS platform can function completely autonomously and without the need for external systems participation. Accordingly, CREDITS is fundamentally differentiated from all other current blockchain platforms.
We believe that blockchain technology is suitable for financial and loan services, trade, medicine, identification, exchanges, Internet of things (IoT) services, and many other applications, some of which cannot yet be imagined.
CREDITS unique blockchain technology offers paradigm-shifting capabilities to industries, applications, and users who require unmatched scalability. The addressable market for these services is estimated to be worth trillions of dollars
Alex Egorov
CEO, Bitrewards (Russia)
BitRewards is a decentralized AI-based loyalty and rewards platform for e-commerce.
Blockchain provides a great opportunity to scale up our current profitable loyalty SaaS – GIFTD (
We are comitted to disrupt the 20B+ loyalty and rewards solutions market through the application of distributed ledger and cryptocurrencies.
BitRewards allows shoppers to receive rewards in BitRewards tokens and other cryptocurrencies for their purchases and a lot of other configurable actions.
BitRewards solves the problems of both merchants and their customers. It will provide businesses with a free of charge premium SaaS suite of rewards and loyalty tools, which now increases sales for hundreds of online stores.
Robert Pothier
CEO and cofounder, Faceter
Faceter transforms ordinary cameras into advanced security systems that “understand” what’s going on with fast, accurate, and efficient facial detection and recognition. It enables a new level of service for your security needs.The product is ready for B2B customers and has been tested in three successful proofs of concept. The team has clear plan for development the mass market version. Given the project’s roadmap for the next three years, the FCT token value may grow several times.

The token is the core of the decentralized network, both as a Proof of Recognition and a flexible, transparent, cross-border settlement mechanism for all participants. It is the cryptocoin for payments we get from customers. Work of participants in our decentralized network is paid by tokens as well. FCT is the integral part of the business model and a great investment asset. The financial model is built to strengthen factors that support growth of the token value.

Val Krivenko
VP Investment Relations, SKYFchain
SKYFchain is the blockchain based Operating Platform for the emerging $100B Cargo Robots industry. It is a shared and blockchain verified database of all unmanned cargo vehicles and drones, their operations and compliance documents. It is also a financial tool for crypto-currency transactions between the participants of the Platform. SKYFchain offers individuals, banks, leasing and insurance companies comprehensive data to mitigate risks of financing the unmanned cargo delivery industry. Funds providers have direct control over the assets through smart contracts. SKYFchain unlocks financing for the Cargo Robots industry both in traditional and crypto-currencies.
The first cargo drone in SKYFchain Operating Platform is SKYF, Unmanned Aerial Carrier with vertical take-off and landing, 8 hours flight time and 250 kg (550 lb) payload. SKYF first clients are in Agriculture, Logistics and Oil&Gas.
SKYFchain is open to other drones’ operators and is ready to include ground and sea cargo robots/unmanned cargo vehicles.
The company was registered in 2017 in Estonia, the country with the most advanced digital and crypto-currency regulations.
Evgeny Glariantov
Co-Founder, Freedcoin (Singapore)
FREED is a project of the company TVX Games. FREED is a first blockchain platform for monetizing multiplayer online games by using gamers’ PCs networked in grid computing system. Our company’s vision is that gaming should be profitable for all parties involved. We expect high mutual benefits for game owners and publishers, game players and distributed computing clients from our solution.
Game owners gain a useful tool to monetize their non-paying users: we estimate the minimal approximate gain from one gamer at $2 per month within the FREED platform, which is a lot more than the average gain per user in the advertising monetization system.
Game users who are unable or unwilling to pay can “lend” their computers while they are not using them and by doing so gain game values (game currency, game artefacts or extended subscription).
Clients of distributed computing get on-demand access to an open system which is by far faster and more productive than any existing supercomputer at a moderate cost.
15.00 – 15.30 Tea and Coffee in Expo area
15.30 – 15.45 Integrating crypto payments for traditional vendors
Alex Alexandrov
15.45 – 16.00 Managing the entire lifecycle of blockchain based digital assets
Alexander Nowak
CIO Blockex
16.00 – 16.30 Blockchain in the University
Blockchain at Berkeley is a UC Berkeley student group that has grown significantly alongside the growth of the technology. In just 3 years, it has evolved from a discussion circle of 10 people to a blockchain group of over 100 that is engaged in education, consulting, and research initiatives. This panel will discuss their story of growth and the role of students and the university in the blockchain ecosystem. Moderated by: Andrew En Tu
Griffin Haskins
Longtime cryptocurrency enthusiast with an academic background in mathematics and statistics. He is a leading figure in Blockchain at Berkeley and worked as a project manager at Ambisafe. (USA)
Aparna Krishnan
Aparna Krishnan is the Head of Education at Blockchain at Berkeley. She has taught a course called Blockchain Fundamentals at Berkeley. (USA)
Leland Lee
Leland Lee spends his time being the crypto guy at a VC fund and leads external engagements for Blockchain at Berkeley (USA)
Saroj Chintakrindi:
Saroj Chintakrindi is a sophomore studying Mathematics and Computer Science and is Head of Operations of Blockchain at Berkeley.(USA)
16.30 – 17.00 The future of crypto asset management
Tammy Camp
CEO/Founder Stronghold (USA)
Learn about the future of crypto asset management platforms and why Tammy chose Stellar for her platform of choice.
17.00 – 17.30 The Legally Compliant ICO/TGE: Securities Regulation, SAFTs, and Beyond
Gordon Einstein
Managing Partner, CryptoLaw Partners
Louis Lehot
Partner DLA Piper (US)
Tyler Kirk
WSGR Corporate Practice
Tom Benson
Co-Founder, Pathfinder Equity
Conducting a legally compliant ICO/TGE is more challenging than ever and government regulators are watching every move. Yet, confidently complying with the global patchwork of laws and regulations, and exploiting the vast opportunities provided by certain legal structures, can produce both peace of mind and also enhanced access to capital and customers. Learn about the latest legal developments relating to ICOs/TGEs, how to spot legal red flags, and how to stay on the good side of the SEC/FCA/MAS.
17.30 – 18.00 Close of Conference and Networking Reception
Program is subject to change  

Location: Galvanize San Francisco. 44 Tehama St, San Francisco, CA 94105
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08.30 – 09.30 Registration and Coffee in Expo area
09.30 – 10.00 Keynote: Forecasting: Determining the valuation of a token sale
Dominik Zynis
Co-Founder, Wings (Switzerland)
Many leading banks today rely on Artificial Intelligence-based algorithms to predict the performance of an asset — even markets as a whole. But up until now, AI technologies are mostly proprietary which benefit only the big firms. It is mostly inaccessible to the general public.
In this session we will explore what tools are available for forecasting upcoming ICOs, from AI technologies to investor collectives and their valuation methods
10.00 – 10.30 Panel: Incubators and Accelerators; a means to a token sale
Greg Gilmann
Founder, Science Blockchain (USA)
Alex Bausch
Managing Partner, TuriQ
Miko Matsumura
Founder, Evercoin Exchange
More and more incubators and accelerators see blockchain as the next major platform for innovation and a foundational technology, whose startup ecosystem would benefit greatly from appropriate legal, technical, and operational structures and controls.
In this session, we’ll explore how blockchain companies can benefit from a better entrepreneurial structure, and how investors can work with these programs to take advantage of fully understanding portfolios companies from all over the world, building solutions for all public and private sectors.
10.30 – 11.00 Panel: Lessons Learned From the Public Markets
Will McDonough
CEO, iCash (USA)
Daniel Cawrey
CEO, Pactum (USA)
Will McDonough’s financial career extends over a decade and a half and ranges across nearly every major area of public markets. Will has started a hedge fund of funds, run family offices for Goldman partners, investing their private capital. Will started a SPAC and took it public on the London Stock Exchange, and is presently leading a team towards a March 2018 ICO. He will spend his time speaking to what institutional investors seek, how public markets and different structures are relevant to token marketplaces, and how to learn from past mistakes.
11.00 – 12.30 Meet the ICOs
Throughout the two-day conference we will give the stage to some pioneering blockchain projects from all over the world. The common thread is that all the presenting companies and persons have decided to raise working capital by launching a token crowd sale (also known as an ICO or TGE). The aim of this session is to gain a deeper understanding of what type of applications are coming on the market, as well as give investors more information about crypto investment opportunities.
Alfred Shaffir
Co-Founder, iOlite, (Estonia)
Anyone can write smart contracts.
iOlite will bridge the gaps between the crypto community and the mainstream users. Our team develops a blockchain and machine-learning based solution that will allow the migration of a text, written in ANY natural or programming language, to a smart contract.
Utilizing blockchain technology and smart contracts benefits will become easy and accessible to any industry and sector: lawyers, insurers, retail businesses and more
Fred Ledbetter
World Wi-Fi project is a global decentralized free Wi-Fi network based on private routers (the major part of which are residential routers). Every router owner may share free Wi-Fi, connect to other users, and earn cryptocurrency. In the end, everybody wins: while ordinary users might no longer pay for the internet, those who own routers generate profits, and advertisers reach their target audience. World Wi-Fi is an around-the-world project built by the community.
Itamar Weizman
Co-Founder & COO, Cool Cousin (Israel)
Cool Cousin is a VC-backed travel company launched in 2016, with a thriving global community in over 65 cities and double-digit monthly user growth. Crowned by the New York Times, L.A Times, The Guardian and National Geographic as a “must app for travelers”, Cool Cousin is now powering a decentralized ecosystem comprised of locals and travelers with a new ERC20 compatible token called CUZ, on its way to becoming the world’s first decentralized peer to peer travel agency.
Toby Dawson
Esports Director, (Gibraltar)
BestMeta is a first of its kind, next generation ecosystem enabling esports talents to tokenize their brand value through direct peer-to peer interaction with their fan base.  It provides a platform for talents to issue branded Personalized Talent Tokens, which are offered to their fanbase to buy into in exchange for exclusive talent designed offerings.
Mark Jeffrey
CEO Guardian Circle, Inc
GUARDIUM Token is global decentralized emergency response — universal 9-1-1.  We open the emergency alert grid to any alert device (via open API), vetted citizen responders, and private response services for the very first time to create a ‘flash mob of help’. Working apps released worldwide today on iOS, Android, and Amazon ALEXA. Six billion people have no 9-1-1. One billion do, but it’s antiquated (1968 tech). We fix all of this, worldwide.
Devadutta Ghat
CTO Live Planet & Video Coin
Decentralization has already revolutionized payments and it is coming to disrupt cloud computing. Learn how VideoCoin is disrupting traditional cloud offerings by bringing Video, the Internet’s largest ecosystem to the decentralized future.
12.30 – 13.00 Lunch
13.00 – 13.30 Presentation: SAFT
Gordon Einstein
Managing Partner, CryptoLaw Partners
13.30 – 14.00 Panel: VC and the Cryptocurrency Revolution… Engage or Deny ICOs?
Sunil K. Verma
Partner, Team in Residence (US)
Richard D. Titus
Managing Partner, Ark (US)
Paul Willard
Subtraction Capital (US)
Michael Terpin
CEO Transform Group (US)
Ben Gorlick
Over the last year, numerous prestigious VC-firms such as 500 Startups, Andreessen Horowitz, and Union Square Ventures, have indulged in the rapidly expanding world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Let’s discover why the extreme liquidity of the ICO marketplace attracts more and more traditional investors to the Crypto Economy.
14.00 – 14.10 Use Case: How Blockchain impacts Retail
Gennady Volchek
CEO, Shping (Australia)
Gennady presents a practical run-through of the development of the revolutionary, brand protection and shopper marketing ecosystem. Learn how Shping connects trusted data sources with industry standards, marketing and the blockchain to help consumers make smarter, safer buying decisions and gain a glimpse into the company’s game-changing vision for the future.
14.10 – 15.30 Meet the ICOs
Throughout the two-day conference we will give the stage to some pioneering blockchain projects from all over the world. The common thread is that all the presenting companies and persons have decided to raise working capital by launching a token crowd sale (also known as an ICO or TGE). The aim of this session is to gain a deeper understanding of what type of applications are coming on the market, as well as give investors more information about crypto investment opportunities.
Daniil Gidea
Co Founder, Arcona
Arcona – Global Augmented Reality information environment – a Blockchain-Powered Ecosystem Merging Real and Virtual Worlds Worldwide creating the Digital Land. Change the real world surroundings on the fly.
Cesar Ortega
Founder, Skara
SKARA has adopted blockchain technology to decentralise the in-game economy, allowing players to keep real ownership of their hard-earned in-game assets, including SKARATs, safely and securely outside of the game’s control. This disrupts the prevailing model whereby games publishers reap the rewards of in-game transactions, pushing gamers towards risky black markets if they want to cash in on their hard work.
Aleksy Voronin
Founder, Smart Valley
Smart Valley is a decentralized platform of innovations that brings together investors, projects, and experts into a professional community, where all members are united by the same purpose – to create cutting-edge technologies. The Figure on the slide shows the main groups of business players, their issues, and solutions proposed by SMART Valley.
Brian Fargo
CEO, RobotCache
Pete Martin
15.30 – 16.00 Decentralized Future of IT Infrastructure
Greg Osuri
Founder Photon(US)
16.00 – 16.30 Presentation: When Moon? When Lambo? Learnings from the analysis of 850 ICOs
Dr. Mihaly Kertesz
Co-founder, COO, Etheal (Estonia)
Viktor Tabori
Co-founder, CTO, Etheal (Estonia)
How to plan a successful ICO? How much does it cost? Is it really for you? Learn the 6 most important elements of an ICO: Team, Advisors, Whitepaper, Security Smart Contract and Marketing. Practical tips on bounty campaign, smart contract audit and how not get fooled by ICO listing sites.
16.30 – 17.00 Close of Conference
Program is subject to change  

Location: Galvanize San Francisco. 44 Tehama St, San Francisco, CA 94105
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