08.30 – 09.40 Registration and Coffee
09.40- 09.45 Opening of Conference
Nils Veenstra
Director, BECON
09.45 – 10.00 Blockchain and Franchise models
Quirze Solomo
Owner at Nostrum (Spain)
With more than 160 restaurants, Nostrum (founded in Barcelona in 1998) is the first European franchise in the home meal replacement sector. The 100th Nostrum opened in December 2014 and in the same year the company was floated on the MAB (Alternative Stock Market) in Madrid. In 2015 a flagship Nostrum opened in Montpellier and at this moment 4 master franchises have been signed for France and expansion into France is underway with 250 restaurants planned over the next 5 years in Paris and other regions. This year NostrumGo has been launched to offer a home delivery service. In 2018 Nostrum will also be listed on the French stock market.
10.00 – 10.15 Blockchain and Real Estate
Sandy Selman
Co-Founder, CPROP (USA)
CPROP’s mission is to develop and deliver blockchain-powered solutions that address acknowledged pain points in the global real estate industry.  The solutions CPROP develops solutions that are technically and commercially viable without creating entirely new commercial paradigms that are difficult to implement. CPROP looks to establish commercial partnerships early-on to provide validation, accelerate speed to market, and ensure scalability. To this end CPROP is already working with several property portals in Europe and Asia.
10.15 – 10.30 Real-World Blockchain Application and Token Models
Andy Zondervan
CEO at Settled (Netherlands)
With global revenues of more than 7 billion US$ in 2016, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is the soundtrack of the digital revolution. The aim of the ICO is to build  a platform to introduce and accelerate a seamless rights licensing and settlement procedure with EDM as the launching party.
10.30 – 11.30 Keynote Presentation: Investing in the Crypto Economy
Michael Terpin
Co-Founder AlphaBit Fund and CEO of the Transform Group
Michael will share with us his take on investing in crypto projects over the last three years. In addition we will look forward to 2018 and beyond and explore future developments, challenges and opportunities for ICOs and investors.
11.30 – 12.00 Meet the ICOs
Throughout the conference we will give the stage to some pioneering blockchain projects from all over the world. The common thread is that all the presenting companies and persons have decided to raise working capital by launching a token crowd sale (also known as an ICO or TGE). The aim of this session is to gain a deeper understanding of what type of applications are coming on the market, as well as give investors more information about crypto investment opportunities.
Simon Toprak
CEO, Trusted Cars
TrustedCars Flex is changing Car Ownership forever by turning dealerships into innovative mobility providers while offering customers a commitment-free, all-inclusive and affordable way to own a vehicle without ownership responsibilities.
With a unique combination of technology expertise and deep industry relationships they have designed a solution that offers consumers a convenient way to own a vehicle without ownership responsibilities. In parallel offering dealerships an additional source of income and access to a new generation of consumers.
TrustedCars was recently nominated as one of the most innovative Blockchain Projects in Germany by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The Head of the Chancellery (Prof. Dr. Helge Braun) himself met with the Team to discuss the future of the Blockchain Technology and further use cases.
Hans Diederen
Advisor, Inmediate
Inmediate is the Smart Insurance Platform which creates transparent policies that people can trust.
Powering Smart Contract Insurance by linking Insurers, Consumers, and Distributors on one network means huge cost savings, fraud elimination, and better insurance coverage to those that need it the most. Consumers love it because insurance will be made cheaper, and there is no uncertainty regarding claims.
Insurers love it because they can create new products and market them at lightning speed – with real time data without needing an expensive claiming process.
Distributors love it because they can reach out to a wider audience – and provide a more varied product.
We’re transforming Insurance.
Oleg Sharpatiy
CVO and Founder, W12
W12 | New generation of smart contracts  

W12 is a protocol with a proof of authority consensus for the creation and execution of milestone based smart contracts. With W12 you can create smart contracts which release funds to projects (for example ICOs) only when they meet their milestones. The W12 solution increases returns from ICOs by more than 10 times because it protects token buyers from the 96% of projects that never reach any milestone. The whole infrastructure creates trust and transparency between token buyers and projects. The W12 infrastructure can be used for almost any project, not just ICOs, and will be integrated into real world projects, creating the bridge between the crypto industry and traditional economy. Points of integration: start-up funding, real estate development, construction, charity and many others.

Roberto Rabasco
Orvium is an open source, decentralized framework for managing scholarly publications’ lifecycles and the associated data. Using cutting-edge blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies, as well as decentralized storage and big data, Orvium creates a public, traceable, and trustworthy record of the research publication process. Through continuous and transparent review by members of the scientific community, with reputational and economic rewards for peer reviewers, Orvium improves the effectiveness of research production and validation, empowering the research community to determine the validity and soundness of published work. Eliminating current practices within the publishing industry regarding plagiarism, idea ownership, and registration, Orvium allows authors to retain control of their work and its potential economic benefits, publishing with optimal publication and access costs. Orvium’s ultimate objective is to be the leading publication platform while returning the benefits of science to society.
12.00 – 13.00 Lunch
13.00 – 13.45 Meet the ICOs
Throughout the conference we will give the stage to some pioneering blockchain projects from all over the world. The common thread is that all the presenting companies and persons have decided to raise working capital by launching a token crowd sale (also known as an ICO or TGE). The aim of this session is to gain a deeper understanding of what type of applications are coming on the market, as well as give investors more information about crypto investment opportunities.
Benno De Bruyn
In a world of digitalisation, cryptocurrency seems to be the next logical step in our ever-growing technological evolution. has the ambition to inform people about this revolutionary technology through live seminars, workshops as well as a membership platform, around the clock support, a news channel and even real life centres. We firmly believe that in order to reach the full potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies alike, it is important to have everyone involved in the process. By offering a really easy point of access to the purchase of cryptocurrencies, combined with a payment system, we aim to fuel the transition of fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies in a completely open, legal and transparent way.
Hillik Nissani
Chief Operating Officer
CRYPTALGO is a Swiss-based fintech company introducing a best in class, highly secured end-to-end cryptocurrency trading platform. CRYPTALGO offers Asset Management Services and products including an Arbitrage Fund based on its ALGOTRADER, a Trading Gateway that includes an Execution Management System, Brokerage services and Custody Services. These services and products are working on top of CRYPTALGO’s Galaxy Trading Backbone which aggregates liquidity from most crypto exchanges around the world and provides a Total View of the global market with actionable information and super-fast Best Execution.
Luke Lombe
Advisor, Playup
The PlayChip™ is brought to you by PlayUp Limited and is the exclusive gaming token of some of the world’s leading gaming operators with a combined user base of over 500,000 and an annual turnover exceeding US$430 million in 2018 alone – and we are just getting started.
Aydonat Atasever
CEO, ScutiX
ScutiX is a premier renewable energy company that uses its own solar and wind farms, along with a pioneering investment vehicle, to fuel the stable and sustainable growth of computing technologies and blockchain development.
Maarten Bushoff
CEO and Co-Founder at Cheerhub
Cheerhub connects you with thousands of  sports enthusiasts around the world.
13.45 – 14.30 The 4 Categories of Token and how to Market in the Age of the SEC 
Theron Andrews
Vice President ICO Marketing at New Alchemy
New Alchemy is a leading blockchain strategy and technology group specializing in ICO services, security audits, capital solutions, and token mechanics for the most innovative companies and tokenization projects worldwide. For more information please visit
CoinAnalyst is an information and analysis platform for all cryptocurrencies and ICOs worldwide. Purchase and sale decisions can be made on the basis of valid data and intelligent analyses. This enables the user to identify opportunities and risks and react promptly and proactively to price fluctuations. The application thus creates a high degree of transparency when it comes to operating in this new and volatile market.
 Tobias Zimmer
Business Development
Martin  Kreitschmann
Product Manager
Gemstra is building a blockchain-integrated ecosystem (ASTR) and token economy (GMS Token) to liberate social selling as an industry.
Jay Cheng
Chief Executive Officer, Gemstra
Joe Lau
Chief Revenue Officer, Gemstra
14.30 – 14.45 Fire-side Chat: A Year in the Life of an ICO
Domen Ursic
Co-Founder HIVE Project
Exactly a year ago, Domen was one of the winner of the CoinAgenda Europe show. In this fire-side chat he will share his experiences of the last 18 months. How did the project get to its opening date? What were the experiences preparing for and going through a token sale? How did HIVE engage with investors? Are there any consequences of a rise and fall in Bitcoin and Ethereum prices?
14.45 – 15.00 Real-World Trust and Privacy for Digital Transaction
Joel Wealer
Lead Project Manager, PeerMountain
Peer Mountain goes beyond providing users with ownership and control over their cryptographically secure identities. It is an end-to-end application ecosystem that facilitates secure commerce and exchange of digital and physical services.
15.00 – 15.45 Panel: Crypto Investments in the Netherlands
Radbout Vlaar
Partner at Finch Capital
Boudewijn Rooseboom
Partner at Cyber Capital
15.45 – 18.00 Network Reception

program is subject to change